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What we've been up to:

You have the vision.

We know how to make it real.

See how we can help develop your product.

Gizmatic is a product development and manufacturing company specializing in comprehensive end-to-end product development. We design, prototype, and manufacture innovative products, both conceived in-house and as a contract service.

Making it real

Starting from the first spark of an idea, we help you through the process of preparing it to be a real, physical product with a balance of form, function, and manufacturability.


We use fast and efficient rapid prototyping to work out issues, and then develop high quality, functional and aesthetically sophisticated prototypes.


 After the initial concept has been developed, we move forward to designing individual components and mechanisms


Gizmatic can take your product through the manufacturing scale-up process and help bring it to market.

We provide in-house manufacturing for highly custom or high value products, as well as work with our network of industry partners for mass-market products.


Our Mission

Create truly useful products that improve users' lives

Provide high value service to our customers AND high quality of life for our employees

Grow U.S. based manufacturing

For mass-market products we work with our network of industry partners to help source components, manufacture tooling, perfect packaging, and set up assembly and quality control processes

Ready to launch

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