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Drone technology innovation is bringing more advanced drones to the market every few months.

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The revolutionary growth in unmanned technologies and AI has created a complex maze of robotic platforms and solutions with closed architectures.  Gizmatic has developed expertise in drone technology through a number of products we have been involved with.   One is the coaxial rotorcraft category, and the other is the drone swarm technology :


Our coaxial rotor drones are more stable, more maneuverable, quieter, safer and provide a better power to weight ratio. Coaxial rotor systems have greater lift and are much more efficient.

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Kaiser Coaxial Rotorcraft


From initial concept modeling and industrial design to engineering and manufacturing.

Our services are available for companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, and design firms trying to meet project deadlines.

Swarm - Drone Hive XL/ISO

Sentien has developed the Hive to automate all facets of UAS operation. The Hive features robotics automation hardware and intelligence software to enable operations of fleets of UAS with the vision of reducing manpower, improving safety, and vastly improving performance over traditional UAS operations.

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It’s easy to see why the use of UAVs is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

But to enjoy the benefits of this technology you need technical experts who understand how to apply it.

Swarm - Expedition

Take drone logistics off-road with the Hive Expedition. This fully capable launch, recovery, and recharge system houses 12-18 drones that can be deployed at a moment's notice.

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The Hive has been designed from the ground up to be compatible with all UAS.

Multiple UAS types can be used simultaneously within the Hive or entire fleets to be upgraded in the future.

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