About Gizmatic

  • Creating new products in-house and as a contract service

  • Focusing on Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing

  • Founded in 2016 by two Virginia Tech Alumni with a passion for invention

Our Mission

  • Create truly useful products that improve users' lives

  • Provide high value service to our customers AND high quality of life for our employees

  • Grow U.S. based manufacturing


Featured: Brother Speedio S700  + Yukiwa 5-axis Trunnion

Brother Speedio S700 Machining Center

  • Country of Origin: Japan

  • Travel (mm): 700(x), 400(y), 300(z)

  • Spindle Speed: 16,000 rpm

  • Special Package: High Accuracy Mode Bii

Yukiwa TN-100 5-axis Rotary Table

  • Country of Origin: Japan

  • Table Diameter: 100 mm

  • Travel (degrees): 0 to 360(A), -21 to 111(B)

  • 4 Axis: Simultaneous

  • 5 Axis: Indexing

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