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Gizmatic is an agile team of engineers, designers and fabricators who want to solve tough problems. Through full immersion in each project and careful study of the evolving technological landscape, we gain the unique insight needed to deeply understand the problem and potential for real advancement. This, in combination with technical expertise and creativity, enables us to overcome design challenges and create truly innovative new products.

In our fully-equipped prototyping shop, we not only design, but also manufacture and test prototypes in-house. With our wide range of skills and equipment, we can make almost anything. This allows us to iterate designs rapidly and efficiently come to better solutions.

It doesn't stop there, our services continue with tight integration with our manufacturing partners, for a smooth transition to manufacturing scale-up and production.



  • Creating new products in-house and as a contract service

  • Focusing on Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing

  • Founded in 2016 by two Virginia Tech Alumni with a passion for invention

Our Mission

  • Create truly useful products that improve users' lives

  • Provide high value service to our customers AND high quality of life for our employees

  • Grow U.S. based manufacturing

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