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  • Modern precision equipment

  • High quantity production runs

  • Low quantity prototyping

  • Custom fabrication

  • Serving the Independent Inventor through to the Aerospace Industry

Our goal at Gizmatic is to offer both high quality and high value manufacturing services


We offer local, expert service, product design and manufacturing in house and through our trusted network


CNC Milling

  • High Speed and High Precision Machining

  • Efficient Production of Complex Geometries

  • 4 Axis - Simultaneous Capable

  • 5 Axis - Indexing Capable

  • Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel, Platstics, and more!

Featured: Brother Speedio S700  + Yukiwa 5-axis Trunnion

Brother Speedio S700 Machining Center

  • Country of Origin: Japan

  • Travel (mm): 700(x), 400(y), 300(z)

  • Spindle Speed: 16,000 rpm

  • Special Package: High Accuracy Mode Bii

Yukiwa TN-100 5-axis Rotary Table

  • Country of Origin: Japan

  • Table Diameter: 100 mm

  • Travel (degrees): 0 to 360(A), -21 to 111(B)

  • 4 Axis: Simultaneous

  • 5 Axis: Indexing


CNC Turning

  • Mill-Turn Machining Capable

  • High Speed and High Precision

  • Efficient Production of Complex Geometries

Featured: DMG MORI NLX2000/500SY Turning Center

  • Country of Origin: Japan

  • Main Spindle Chuck Diameter: 200 mm

  • Main Spindle Bar Capacity: 65 mm

  • Sub Spindle Chuck Diameter: 150 mm

  • Main Spindle Power: 20 HP 15% ED

  • BMT Motor Power: 7.5 HP 15 ED

  • Main Spindle Speed: 5,000 rpm

  • Sub Spindle Speed: 6,000 rpm

  • Max Turning Length: 510 mm

  • Circularity: 0.28 um (JIS Standard)

  • Bar Feeder: LNS DH65L S2

  • Max Turning Diameter: 366 mm

  • Special Package: X & Z Direction Milling, Y Axis +/- 50 mm, X axis direct scale feedback



We offer expert in-house MIG and TIG welding services for a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.



Ask about our post machining finishing processes to take your parts to the next level. From simple sand blasting to durable powder coating we can improve the appearance and functionality of your parts!

  • Sand Blasting

  • Polishing

  • Anodizing

  • Laser Etching

...and more!

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