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The Dry Box is a sealed, humidity control container for your valuable 3D printer filament spools. Each Dry Box fits most standard and small size spools on the market and is compatible with almost all FDM type 3D printers. The Dry Box is fully sealed to keep your filament from absorbing moisture from the air and includes a re-useable desicant pack to absorb any excess moisture as an extra level of protection. It also keeps your plastic free of dust for perfect prints and greatly reduces tangles from loading and unloading because you can run your print directly from the Dry Box without unloading it between prints and filament swaps. Finally the Dry Box is modular, stackable, and interlocking with other Dry Boxes, so it's great for organization and transportation.


Dry Box - The ultimate solution to your 3D printer filament woes!  Order yours today!

Dry Box

    • Compatible w/ most FDM type 3D printers
    • Compatible w/ both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm filament
    • Compatible with most standard (1kg) and small size filament spools
    • Fully sealing lid for clean and dry filament
    • Includes re-usable desicant pack for extra humidity control
    • Clear front for easy filament monitoring
    • Stackable with other Dry Boxes
    • Compatible and future upgradable with our modular filament sensor
  • Full refund with return of product and free replacement parts for any reason for 90 days from date of purchase. Customer must return product and pay for return shipping when requesting full refund.