Hookey | No Touch Multi-Tool

Hookey | No Touch Multi-Tool

  • Made of Antimicrobial Alloy 260 Brass, which is inherently antimicrobial
  • Avoid touching surfaces where bacteria, germs and viruses build up with the Hookey | No Touch Multi-Tool
    • Reduces contact point surface area by over 90%
  • No need to use your hands for commonly used surfaces like doors, handles, button pads and touchscreens !
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  • Dimensions:

    2.55" x 1.7" x 0.125"


    0.7 oz


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My wife and I love our Hookey tools because they are a light-weight and easy means of opening doors, turning handles, pressing buttons, signing names on touch-screens, and even opening beers at the end of a long day. We have been impressed with their strength, and they are not cumbersome at all when added to our keychains. Most of all, we're happy to support a local small business that makes their products in the USA.

—  Sean (Virginia)

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