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Find out how to set up the Wedgy below!

image 7.jpeg
This is the Wedgy's original home. It comes with:
  • A very nicely constructed cardboard box
  • Two plastic lining inserts
  • Plastic base mount insert
  • Wedgy magnetic mount
  • Plastic nut lock
  • Two phone magnets
image 8.jpeg
To get your Wedgy properly set up, use the two plastic inserts to find a good place in your car's lining.
(The plastic inserts may be discarded afterwards, or used as guitar picks.)
image 10.jpeg
Upon finding a nice place for your Wedgy, push the base mount into the lining.
Note: Be sure to push on the flat area provided so that the base mount maintains its impeccable shape!
Note #2:  The portion of the base mount inserted into the lining of your car may need to be cut in order to fit properly.
image 6.jpeg
Once the base mount is nice and snug, it's time for the best part: the Wedgy magnetic phone mount.  Get the plastic lock in place on the base mount, then push that bad mamajama magnet right in there.
image 4.jpeg
To secure the phone mount, make sure to use the plastic nut to lock everything in place.
Now you're almost ready to enjoy your Wedgy!  Just stick one of the phone magnets to the back of your phone and you're ready to go.
The larger magnet is for phones with a case on them, and the smaller, circular magnet is for phones without a case.
image 18.jpeg
It's official, you've got your very own Wedgy!
Just remember: when taking your phone off the magnetic mount, lift from the bottom, sides, or top so that the base mount doesn't get pulled out of the lining.