Do you have a great idea but no idea what to do with it? A product or invention you need help prototyping? A completed design you want manufactured? We have a wide range of capabilities to help clients bring ideas from concept to reality.


Starting from the earliest stages of concept development, we can help you through the process, providing our expertise and experience to take your initial idea and prepare it to be a real, physical product by balancing form, function, and manufacturability . We offer product research, industrial design, engineering design, and CAD modeling services with industry leading design software. We take your idea and to shape it into a viable concept. We also help you visualize it with sketches and renderings. Whether it's a small part or complex mechanical machine, we are here to help.


Through an iterative process with our design services, Gizmatic's prototyping services take your ideas, drawings, or CAD models and make them a reality. We start with fast and efficient rapid protoyping to work out issues, and then develop them into high quality, functional and beautiful prototypes. With our extensive prototyping shop, we are able to make a wide variety of high quality physical products for testing, validation before mass production, or just one-off use.



Once your product is fully prototyped and tested, Gizmatic can take it through the manufacturing scale-up process and help bring it to market. We provide in-house manufacturing for highly custom or high value products. Alternatively, for mass-market products, we work with our network of industry partners to help source components, manufacture tooling, perfect packaging, and set up assembly and quality control processes.