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The Wedgy is a phone mount designed to fit between the seams in your car's dashboard, so it goes where other phone mounts can't

"I gave Wedgies to my whole family and now they love me!"



Tired of car phone mounts that block your vents, fall off your windshield, or just don't work? The Wedgy is here to help!

The Wedgy fits snugly in the gaps between most cars' dash panels, so it goes where you need it. It's small, stylish, and easy to use one-handed with its magnetic head.

Drive more safely and never fumble with your phone again, get a Wedgy!  


How to Setup the Wedgy!

In the Wedgy box:
  • Wedgy Base
  • Plastic Nut
  • Magnetic Head
  • Two magnetic steel stickers
  • Two plastic picks
  • Thick Foam Spacer Tape
  • Thin Adhesive Wedge Strips
Step 1: Choose where you want your Wedgy and use the two plastic picks to probe for dash clips and other hidden blockages, where your Wedgy won't fit. Once you find a good clear space, use the picks to carefully create a gap between the panels.
(The plastic inserts may be discarded afterwards, or used as guitar picks.)
Step 2: Next, push the Wedgy base into the gap between the picks and test for a secure fit.
Note#1: The fin of the Wedgy base piece may need to be cut thinner or shorter in order to fit properly.
Note #2: The included thick foam tape attached to the underside of the Wedgy base tabs helps if your Wedgy is wobbly
Note #3: Add the included thin adhesive tape to the end of the Wedgy base fin if your car's gaps are too large to securely hold the Wedgy
Step 3: Once the base is secured, it's time for the magnetic head.  First, place the plastic nut over the ball of the base piece, then push the magnet head on.
Note: Push firmly, but be careful not to break the fin!
Step 4: Swivel the magnetic head to whatever angle you like and tighten the plastic nut to lock everything in place.
Step 5: Now you're almost ready to enjoy your Wedgy!  Just stick one of the magnetic plates to the back of your phone or case by removing the protective peel and pressing firmly for 10 seconds.
Note: The larger plate is for the inside of a phone case, and the smaller, circular plate is for the outside of the case, or for phones without a case.
It's official, you've got your very own Wedgy!
Just remember: when taking your phone off the magnetic mount, tilt (don't pull straight out) the phone so that your Wedgy doesn't get pulled out of the dash.


“I've got a Wedgy, and I LOVE it!”​


— Bela

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